チャン ヴァン タン

I came to Japan a month ago. I am from Quanti. I am 26 years old this year. Currently I work at Hikari Craft Works. My work is welding. Work is fun. People who will come from now should study Japanese hard. Before coming to Japan, please study Japanese hard. The company people are kind and helpful. I am studying Japanese on vacation days and going out for fun. My hope is to go back to Japan and work at this optical laboratory after the 3 years of the interns. Japan is a wonderful country. The Japanese are kind and helpful.

oreign trainees / since July 2018
レー フィン ドゥック

I am from Vietnam. I am 18 years old this year. I came to Japan a month ago.
My work at the Hikari Craft Works is welding.
Please study Japanese hard so that you can do your job well before coming to Japan.
The Japanese are kind and helpful. I am indebted to both work and my life.

チュオン ヴァン ヒエウ

Currently I am doing welding work at the HIKARI factory. I want to tell juniors as seniors that I can talk with Japanese people and study Japanese often before coming to Japan so that I can work well. When you come to Japan you can study Japanese and technology and save money for the future. The environment of the optical laboratory is very good. Our practitioners are indebted to work and living very much. It’s about half a year since I came to Japan, so I have not gone much. Now I am studying Japanese hard so that I can communicate quickly with everyone in Japan. I hope to work again by re-entering Japan again after 3 years of internship.

oreign trainees / since February 2018